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Medical Translation

As a translation company, accuracy, nuance, clarity and attention-to-detail are the key. When it comes to medical translations this becomes even more true. And because Medical and pharmaceutical translation is highly specialized and requires great accuracy and expertise, it is important to find a translation company with demonstrable experience in healthcare translation services and recognized credentials. At 1st Ultralocalization, We strive to translate medical documents to the best professional standard. To achieve this, we only use specialized medical translators who have at least 5 years experience and who work to the highest standards. Our medical specialist translators never take their task lightly and work diligently to ensure the medical data they are working on reads accurately and the specialist vocabulary carries across the language barrier.


Our professional medical translation services include:

•           Clinical study agreements & contracts

•           Informed consent forms

•           Marketing materials, brochures & newsletters

•           Patient information leaflets

•           Physician manuals

•           Research studies

•           User manuals for medical devices & software

Medical Translation